Who we are

What is IFMEC?

IFMEC is a young company, which started its journey in 2010, in order to develop accredited training programs in medicine and surgery. In addition, IFMEC is a tool to support healthcare professionals in research and innovation, offering patent prosecution as well as contact with the healthcare industry for commercialization.

Who we are?

Our group consists of a team of doctors of almost all specialties and a range of professional support (draftsmen, economists, educators, lawyers, computer experts and professionals in the organization of events) for the services and solutions we offer are integral.

What we offer?

Through its broad group of doctors of all specialties, IFMEC provides advice and preparation of training courses aimed at specific targets. The organization of the courses also leads the overall organization of the event for the courses experience as pleasant as possible for attendees.

In addition, our service processing and management of sanitary patent is directed to allow innovative ideas in health are adequately protected and can be crystallized in the market in new products.